DNA Project Ad

Many of you have asked for a copy of the ad that most of you responded to, so here it is.

Come join us at the DNA Project!


Welcome to the future of medicine!  Hereditary Genetic Screenings are changing lives through generations of families.  Join the most exciting and exploding opportunity in the pharmaceutical and medical sales industry in 2020.  Our Nationwide Marketing Firm is offering the most comprehensive DNA tests on the market for independent sales reps to market to the public for CGx (Genetic DNA cancer screening) and PGx (Pharmacogenomics) with five new tests on the immediate horizon.


First and foremost, the DNA Project is an awareness campaign.  Most eligible Medicare recipients are unaware of the benefits these tests potentially offer to themselves as well as their immediate family.  In some cases, this is due to their primary care physicians being unaware of these tests and the benefits they offer to their patients. 


Secondly, stories in the media (most of which are not correct) about Medicare fraud in this area have many eligible recipients paralyzed with the fear of being taken advantage of, and that fear is keeping many people who would benefit from this testing from having it done.  This has become a sad reality.  You must learn how to overcome this very common objection by becoming an educator first by addressing this issue before it ever comes up.


Our mission is to educate this population about the benefits of these tests and to teach them how to recognize the many obvious signs of a scam so that fear does not prevent them from taking advantage of the remarkable opportunity these screenings offer.


We have identified a variety of go-to-market strategies that will potentially explode your income in 2020 to a high 6 figure annual income! Some of the proven strategies include:


• Making appointments for in-home visits with Medicare recipients where you educate, screen, qualify and make certain they swab themselves correctly to collect a DNA sample. You will also be able to qualify them to collect samples for both the CGx and PGx tests or any others that may apply using our state of the art pre-screening tool through your personal online portal.  A VERY SIMPLE AND FINANCIALLY LUCRATIVE PROCESS!


• We teach you to find local senior health events, partner with local insurance agents, senior centers, assisted living facilities, churches, nursing homes, chiropractors, dentists, and doctor's offices or anywhere that you feel that you can get traffic to do lead generation and ultimately, testing.


• We encourage you to bring your creativity and suggestions on the best ways to identify and get in front of our target demographic.


Healthcare has shifted focus to "Preventative Care".  These Hereditary Screening tests fall right into this category as Medicare will cover 100% of the test costs for qualified patients. That's right! The test is NO COST for the qualified patients that you identify that have Medicare.  Now Medicaid also covers the costs in many states as well!


We all inherit our genes from our parents. Some of these genes protect us from developing certain types of cancer or the irregular version that is known as a “mutation” that can increase our susceptibility to developing diseases such as breast, ovarian, uterine, colon, or pancreatic, and other cancers.


Genetic Testing utilizes a laboratory test that looks for changes (mutations) in a person's genes.  Testing is performed easily and quickly by using a DNA sample obtained from a cheek swab.  This is called predictive gene testing.  The laboratory will examine your patient's specimen for inherited gene mutations that may increase the risk of cancer.  The patient will receive a comprehensive report of the findings of the test.


The Hereditary DNA Screening Opportunity is giving independent reps an opportunity to earn over $30 K+ per month as our tops reps are getting 100+ tests APPROVED PER MONTH!  Only ONE patient per day will generate $1500 per week in income!  How much do you want to earn?


We are looking independent reps with a desire to work in a lucrative field with a genuine opportunity to make a difference and feel GREAT about what you are doing each day!  Reps with pharmaceutical, medical device, medical sales background/experience are a plus, but not mandatory.  Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses or business to business reps are welcome as well!


If you have existing relationships with Doctors, Family Physicians, Pharmacists, Dentists, Pain Clinics, Nurse Practitioners, ect., we will show you how to partner with these individuals to maximize your productivity. (*Doctors are not legally allowed to profit directly from the lab doing the testing, but you can still work with these Doctors to administer the test through their relationship with you and the DNA Project, therefore, allowing the Doctor to benefit from the testing, the initial office appointment, and the follow-up.)


Your main function will be to find local community events (health fairs, church events, county fairs, local community, cancer runs, fundraisers, etc.) to offer information, education, and to administer the tests.  We are averaging on small events 20-50 approved tests!  Large events over 100+ in one day!  That means possible earnings of over $30,000 from a single event.  In the month of July 2019, we had one rep that earned $68,000 in three days from just one event!


A Very Simple Process!


1. You find an upcoming event.  Creative Reps will plan your own events at 55+ and older communities, senior centers, and assisted living facilities.


2. You will pre-qualify the patient by identifying those with appropriate Medicare coverage. (This is the vast majority)


3. You will make an appointment with the patient to collect the qualifying information necessary to create an Electronic Health Record through your personal Portal.


4. Next, the patient swabs themselves to collect the DNA sample.


5. Then our Quality Control department will verify your work and our Doctors will call your patient to verify the data that you collected and order the tests.


6. Last, after receiving final approval you will print the requisition paperwork and send the swabs to the lab for processing.




• Earn an average of $400 per patient that you identify and is approved by Medicare, Commercial Insurance, or earn as high as $450 from qualified Medicaid patients in the Medicaid approved states. 


• Top reps in the field are easily earning over $30K + per month and we will show you exactly how.


• NO TERRITORY RESTRICTIONS. The test can be offered nationwide!


• INDEPENDENT 1099 REP:  Work your own hours as you are 100% commission from day one!


• We drop ship testing kits to you at NO COST as often as you need, as well as return shipping labels and envelopes!


• Commissions are paid IMMEDIATELY EVERY TWO WEEKS AFTER THE TESTS ARE COMPLETED AND APPROVED by direct deposit on the 15th and the 30th each month!






• Must be HIPAA Certified (One hour online coarse).
• Must attend 1-2 hour online company training.
• Must have reliable transportation.
• Must provide a laptop, tablet, or I-pad with an internet connection.
• Must have a “get it done” attitude with a desire to work in an exciting field where the work you do is appreciated and genuinely makes a difference. (Pharmaceutical, Medical device, medical sales background is a plus but NOT required).
• Medical Professionals or general business to business sales reps are welcome.
• VERY helpful if you have a “warm-network” to start with to use for training and go after "low hanging fruit" to practice your first client portal entries.
• Must be able to attend health fairs, county fairs, etc. or willing to set up your own events.

• Must be able to qualify and onboard patients through the Portal, and order supplies as needed.

• Must be hungry and motivated to cold call face to face or on the telephone to set and attend your own appointments.

- Must be able to work on your own remotely.





STEP ONE - (Critical) Apply to our group update list here:




Once you submit the form, look for an email with further instructions.  You will be forwarded to a list of additional steps you will need to complete to get yourself up and running within about a week.  You will also receive a copy of this information by email for your reference.


IMPORTANT:  99% of the most common questions are answered right here on this page! You MUST be able to follow simple step-by-step written instructions.  If after reading EVERYTHING on this page, if you still have questions, contact Andy Richards by TEXT at 704.605.2000 to schedule a phone call.


*Please be patient. We have a large number of applicants replying to this opportunity. Once you are approved we will send you an email with everything you need to get started. You should be able to complete all of the training and get started as soon as next week!


Additional Information:




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