Portal Set-Up Instructions






Remember, the ONLY part of the portal we use is under the TELEMD tab.  If you click around and attempt to contact anyone through the portal or use any other tab or feature inside the portal, you are wasting your time.


Under the TELEMD tab, you will enter patient records through "Patient Information" and you will be able to track your patient records through "Patient QC Staging".  Again, these are the ONLY area of the portal that we use.

NOTE:  When you are entering a record under "Patient Information", be VERY careful to get a good signature from your patient!  I realize it can be very difficult for anyone, much less an older person, to sign on the screen of a tablet or on the mouse pad of a laptop.  However, you need to look at the signature on the patient's ID and do everything you can to get the patient to duplicate their signature as best as possible while remaining INSIDE of the signature box.  IF YOUR FILE REJECTS FOR BAD SIGNATURES, THE STATUS MUST BE CHANGED TO "TRASH" AND YOU WILL HAVE TO GO BACK TO THE PATIENT AND START OVER!

To view the status of your records you will see a column over to the right titled "QC Status" (QC is Quality Control).  Once you hit "Submit" from the Patient Information screen, your patient record is sent over to our QC department and you can track the progress of the file under the QC Status column. 

NOTE:  When in the portal you may need to reduce the font size on your screen to see all of the columns by using the keyboard command Ctrl+- (Press the Ctrl key plus the Minus or Dash key at the same time).  If you do not understand this, text Andy at 704.605.2000 for help.


Once you submit a patient record it is VERY important that you view your records daily.  If QC needs additional information from you, you will see the status change to "Pending Agent Revision".  To view what is needed, you will go to the far left side of the record and just to the left of "PGX", there is a tiny black arrow pointing to the right.  Clicking on that arrow will open a new window with four tabs across the top.  You will go to the second tab "Status Log".  You will see the notes on the far right of that screen.

If you see a request for better pictures, or if you see anything that tells you to upload something to the DropBox, simply email the requested information to me at Andy@DNAproject.net and I will make the required changes to the patient's file.

If you are being asked for anything that you can answer such as "How old was the patient when diagnosed?".

You will go over to the far right of the record where it says "Pending Agent Revision".  You will see that is a dropdown box.  Drop the box down and change the status back to "Pending QC Review".  As soon as you do that an empty white box will open and you will type your reply in that box.  Once you submit that you will then see your reply now appears in the "Status Log" and QC will review the file again and try to move it forward in the process. 


I realize this is a lot, and I am here to assist you.  But you will find it is quite simple once you do it a couple of times.  I am happy to talk you through this if needed.

Eventually,  you will see your file's status change to "Ready for Shipping".  Then, and only then, you can print the requisition paperwork necessary to prepare the samples for shipping.  See the example below.




To print the requisition paperwork, you will go back to the far left-hand side of the record, just to the left of the green circles with the white check-mark in them that you see above, and you will see "PGX | CGX Elite".  (It is cut off and not visible in the image above.)  You will click on PGX and the requisition will open on your screen.  This will be a multiple page document.  You will then print the requisition.  It is NOT necessary to print it in color.  You will repeat this with the CGX Elite.

IN most cases you will have two samples from your patient.  Each tube must have the patients first initial, last name, and DOB written on the tube.  One sample will be placed into one of the provided plastic sample bags and the bag will be sealed.  The PGx paperwork will be folded and placed into the pocket on the outside of the plastic bag.  (Yes, there IS a pocket on the bag, look closely.)  You will repeat this process using a separate bag for the CGx.  Last, the two samples and the attached paperwork will go into the pre-paid return shipping bag.

CRITICAL:  To complete the process you will now go back to the patient record and change the dropdown status box from "Ready for Shipping" to "Shipped - Complete".  A white box will open and you must type the tracking number off of the pre-paid return shipping label in the box.  If you place 10 patient's samples in the return shipping bag, then you will use the same tracking number 10 times.  This lets the lab know in advance exactly what patient samples to expect from you. 

Now take your sealed package to a UPS drop off location.  There is nothing to pay for.



You will need to create a username and password to access the Portal.  

VERY IMPORTANT:  Once you complete the steps below, DO NOT attempt to use the portal app.  The Momentum App WILL NOT WORK!  The ONLY area of the portal that we use is under TELEMD and that is all. 

Use the following instructions:

1. Click this link: 



(You will ONLY use this link to CREATE your Portal Access.  This is NOT the log-in link)

2.    Use "Office Number" CSAR01. (CSAR Zero One)    Leave the "Referral Code" blank.

3.    Once in the “New Agent Form” (link above) you will submit your info and create your username and password.  Again, leave the "Referral Code" box at the bottom of the sheet empty and click the blue box “save."

4.    Once the “New Agent Form” is submitted, you will receive an email to the email address you provided. It will ask you to submit a profile picture. Once your profile picture has been updated, your profile in the Portal is complete. In that same email, there is a link to an instruction video on how to create an e-signature. (This is a generic email that we will customize at a later date. For now, it is not critical to create your e-signature)

5.    The admin team will manually activate portals in batches during the following times: (all times are in EST) 12:00 PM & 8:00 PM   *If your info is submitted by 4 pm you should be activated by the end of the day.

6.    Once your portal has been manually activated, you will log in through the following link:



(This is the Log-In link you should save to access the portal)


7.    IMPORTANT:  Use the username you created with @momentum at the end!
Example:  Jane Doe created j.doe as her username, her username will be “j.doe@momentum”  (Do not put ".com" at the end)

8.    Your password is the password you created in the "New Agent Form".

9.    This is the link to the new patient submission form:  

(You must log in through the log in link from step 6 first)